Case Studies

The following summarised project overviews is intended to provide the reader with confidence and comfort in the Bromfield Consultancy achievements in industry which include: Process, Hire, Services, Management, Governance, Safety, Optimisation and Innovation.

These examples have been selected to demonstrate the varied scope of involvement and conclusions achieved by the author and owner of the Bromfield business. It is not the full portfolio available but written to ‘whet’ the appetite.

We are always available and happy to discuss your specific requirements should you require more in depth details and more specific/relevant examples of successes related to your enquiry. The Bromfield Consultancy consolidates decades of experienced and knowledgeable resources who have been working for ‘Blue Chip’ and major companies in the UK.

For further information please see the following examples titled:

  • Process
  • Plant hire
  • Scaffolding
  • Semi Automated Systems
  • Facilities Management
  • Facilities Management Governance
  • Safety in the Work Place
  • Visualisation
  • Accelerated Contract Route
  • Agency Labour
  • Paper tools


A major defence contractor’s Supply Chain was suffering recurring audit failures within procurement teams across multi locations, where published Business Governance and Process Instructions require the examination of each vendor’s commercial details and operational capability to ensure they are business compliant at the point of purchase or employment.

These process shortcomings were addressed by relieving the supply chain teams of the time consuming commercial, operational data collection activity and the subsequent validation by outsourcing the supplier approval process with ongoing maintenance to a third party. The benefits being, a significant increase in the scope and level of assessment complying with business and government legislation requirements, thus ensuring the approved supply base is business compliant at all times. Where compliance gaps are identified a mitigation plan to timescales is agreed with the supplier ensuring that established relationships and business integrity is maintained. The projected cost avoidance to this business is circa £1 million annually based on an ‘Approved existing database’ of 3000 suppliers.

Plant Hire

Major issues on quality, safety, hire returns; availability, pricing and invoicing on an annual spend circa £3million from the inherited existing provider was resolved through consultation with operations and end users through the deploying of an innovative and unique solution consisting of 3 key specialist providers employed under the umbrella of a blue chip general hire company with the IS technology and capability to manage, control & report: spend, durations, utilisation, damage, duplication, etc. allowing the business to apply the principles of ‘Lean’ to further improve cost efficiencies. The successful plant hire contractor has successfully utilised this innovative solution with benefits to both the oil and steel industries.

Saving achieve year on year exceeds £1 million annually and with a fluctuating workload has exceeded £1.5 million.


Experiencing major issues throughout the whole outsourced service provider (erectors, labour, office staff, management, quality, safety, availability, losses, pricing and invoicing) on an annual spend circa 1.5million was resolved through an innovative and unique approach.

Following an extensive tendering process with marine experienced contractors the negotiations resulted in a radical change in the pricing construct which simplified the estimating and charging methodology. Disposed of the need for the business to provide the scaffolding materials and a major improvement in working safely where the contractor works with and satisfies the business, industry and the market evolving safety requirements.

Saving and added value achieve year on year exceeds £0.5million.

Semi-Automated Systems

Three enabling contracts supporting 3 different operations within one location was serviced through one provider with a consolidated value of circa £3.5 million over a 5 year contracted period was scrutinised and reviewed for:- value for money, compliance, requirements and opportunity. This resulted in a consolidated restructured and re-engineered contract, negotiated at £1.1m with the same provider. Achieving a major saving of over £2 million for the next 5 years with additional benefits resulting in cost avoidance and with no reduction in the service with improved control over the spares budget.

Facilities Management

Hard, Soft & Cost Avoidance savings generally in excess of £15 million delivered across an annual spend of between £30-50 million (All savings recycled to deliver improved customer VFM)

Facilities Management Governance

Within the business there was a lack of appreciation of the vulnerability or the individual’s exposure to external investigation where Government Auditors can appear unannounced to complete an assessment of compliance to their published documents, policies and procedures. Whilst no audits had occurred numerous failures were identified.
This was resolved by removing all conflict of interest with the realignment of responsibilities together with the establishment of an assessment and scoring methodology to ensure governance and probity were complied with (and auditable) as the business was responsible and accountable for committing customer’s budgets and funding.

Safety in the Work Place

There are several successes; Initiating ‘Resident Suppliers Safety Forum’ and ‘Resident Suppliers Work Place Inspections’ together with locally managed ‘Safety Tours’ independently but in support of the SHE department, ensures that the business objectives are supported and apply to all personnel on the business footprint, not just the direct employees.

The savings are intangible but any reduction in ‘Incidents, Accidents, Lost Working Days together with the sharing of lessons learnt’ removes the time and cost impact of any unfortunate event.


Implementation of the ‘Visualisation’ business management tool which provides senior personnel with a quick assessment of activity tracking and progress where performance failures are identifiable and not meeting the business need, remedial action is then taken on a daily basis with the top 5 (or user defined) being identified.
The successful implementation and use by the team was recognised by senior management as the ‘Centre of Business Excellence for Visualisation’.

Accelerated Contract Route

Development and implementation of a robust and auditable process to ‘fast-track’ customer’s time bound acquisition requirements through annualised budgetary restrictions. Internally referred to as the ACR (Accelerated Contract Route).

Agency Labour

The Agency Labour provider was changed to provide reduced costs through consolidation with improved delivery of management services resulting in both hard and soft saving.

Paper tools

Development of numerous ‘Paper tools’ to minimise time and maximise the information stream.