About Us

The Bromfield Consultancy was established after 30 years in various sectors of the procurement industry. The Consultancy’s scope of knowledge and experience is extremely wide and varied, having been very active in numerous commercial enterprises over the years. Covering a multitude of business sectors and industries we specialise in the effectiveness and efficiencies of the procurement and acquisition process.

The consultancy, by invitation, will audit your business and your supplier’s, to establish the most cost effective approach, capabilities and skills, adherence and compliance to your published Policies and Procedures, together with any requirements demanded though Legislation. This will reduce any potential compliance breaches (by identifying core competency requirements, any compliance gaps and working to a solution) and any possible reputation risk to your business through failure within the supply chain.

The consultancy will optimise your organisations resources, by working across functions, consulting with senior management, managers and their teams to identify where improvements through the utilisation of the latest tools, training, technology and rethinking will provide the opportunity to be innovative in your daily tasks thus maximising the effectiveness of the organisation and minimising costs. Delivered through efficiencies (people and process) and value (commercial and financial) and reinvigorating staff resulting in generating opportunities for your business to improve profit margins.

We are more than happy to come and see you for an informal chat about your requirements and how we may help with absolutely no obligation or charge whatsoever.